Personalized: 24 Small Empty Magnetic Spice Jars with Stamped Lids

$ 120.00

Create a one of a kind spice rack. Lids are stamped by hand with names of your choice, eliminating the need for plastic labels. 

Reduce your kitchen waste with our reusable jars! Gneiss Spice magnetic jars hold to your fridge, decluttering your kitchen and saving space. With spices in sight, you'll use them more often, dishing up fabulous flavorful food! 

  • 24 Small hexagon magnetic jars for fridge
  • Plastic-free, made of durable glass and metal 
  • Air tight silver lids keep spices fresh
  • Empty jars to fill with spices from your pantry
  • Lids stamped by hand with your choice of custom text
  • Internal barrier between magnet and spices

CUSTOM TEXT: Spice names should be kept to 9 letter word or two short words. Leave off descriptive words that can be seen through the glass (ground, whole, seed, powder, leaf, etc). If you are unsure, write the full name and we will abbreviate as we see fit.  

Zero-waste jars do not include plastic spice labels. Purchase here to add to your set.

Jars are empty, to fill with herbs and spices from your pantry. Small jars measure 1.75” wide by 2” tall and hold a shy 1/4 c volume. Grocery containers are often larger - but we recommend our small jars. Smaller amounts of spice stay fresh. Buy spice from bulk section or purchase jars pre-filled with organic spices!  We also carry larger jars.

Most grocery store spices bottles are made of disposable plastic. You can avoid this waste by shopping at your local natural food store and buying spices in bulk (spices are usually higher quality and fresher, too!). 

Save waste and purchase jars pre-filled with organic spices