"Why don't you offer free shipping?"

Great Question! Because there is no such thing as free shipping. When shipping is "free" — shipping costs are built into the pricing structure of the products. We could not offer affordable individual spice refills if we also had to cover shipping fees.

At Gneiss Spice, we charge discounted shipping costs, one time!

To keep costs down on spice refills (most are $3-$5), we charge shipping by weight for orders under $150. This way, whether you order one item or ten, you pay for the shipping fees once. Base shipping starts at $3.95.

Additionally, we ship plastic-free, which has added material costs. We balance what's best for the environment, is financially sustainable for us and cost-effective for you, to arrive at what we think are reasonable shipping fees! 

We offer free ground shipping on purchases over $149. It's our gift to you for making a significant purchase with us. 

During checkout, you have the option of ground (3-8 days) or express (2-3 days) shipping transit time. Please note, these times are the delivery speed after your item is packed. Average processing time for standard items is 1-3 days; customized items is 2-5 days. We will reach out with any delays.

"What is zero-waste shipping?"

Your package will arrive in plastic-free packaging. Our mailers, boxes and fill are made of recycled and recyclable materials (cardboard or paper). If packing peanuts are included, these are re-used, biodegradable and dissolve in water (or you can eat them). We often re-use boxes! An "ugly" box is our commitment to giving materials a second life. When you choose to make a purchase with us, you are voting for more sustainable shipping practices. Let's change expectations for e-commerce one package at a time. Thank you! 

Newborn baby surrounded by USPS priority mail packages.

Take back to 2013—Baby Spice #1 hard at work at 3-days old. She just turned 9 years old!!