Organic Zero-Waste Spice Jar Refill Pack (Buy 10 + Save)


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Choose from 130 standard spices for discount pack. Over a hundred more options found in our Spices A to Z section. 


No access to bulk spices? No problem! Refill your reusable jars with our size appropriate refill packs. Packaging and sealing labels are 100% compostable, making Gneiss Spice the only plastic-free online spice refill option. 

To provide you the freshest spices, refills are hand-packed to order. Please allow a 2-3 days for us to pack your order. 

Choose Spice Refill Size:

  • Small refills are a shy 1/4 cup volume (~3 1/2 tbsp); net weights vary.
  • Large refills are a 1/2 cup volume (8 tbsp); net weights vary.
Item Details:
  • Ground spices should be used within 6-12 months. Fresh is best!
  • Spices are certified organic, unless marked with (*).
  • Refill packaging is compostable, and not meant for long-term storage. Please transfer spices to airtight jars.
  • For discount pack, choose from 120 of our standard spices.

No compost? We can substitute paper pouches. Please let us know in the "notes" section at checkout. Be advised paper pouches may leak a bit in shipping. 

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