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Clear Spice Labels — Small 1" Wide Rectangle

$ 8.00

No more searching for spices! Add Gneiss Spice clear spice labels to tops of grocery store containers for easy identification. One-inch, rectangular clear spice labels will stick to glass, plastic, ceramic or metal. Professionally printed in waterproof ink, labels are dishwasher safe.  Perfect fit for the lids or bottoms of our small magnetic spice jars

Labels are not customizable; they are professionally printed on a offset press in a local shop. If you'd like to personalize your spice kit - please see our hand-stamped spice jars!

Labels are included in our DIY spice kits, and do not need to be purchased separately.

Set Includes 216 Labels: adobo, ajwain, all purpose, allspice x 2, amchur, ancho chili, anise, annotate, apple pie, arrowroot, baharat, baking powder, baking soda, basil, bay leaf, bbq, Berber, Birdseye, black salt, blackened, bouillon, bouquet Garni, brine, buffalo, burger, cacao, cajun, caraway, cardamom x 2, Caribbean, catnip, cayenne, celery, celery salt, chaat masala, chai, Chicago, chervil, chili, chili de arbor, chili flakes, chili lime, chili smoked, chimichurri, Chinese 5 spice, chipotle, chives, chops, cilantro, cinnamon, cinnamon cassia, cinnamon Ceylon, cinnamon sugar, citric acid, citrus herb, clove x 2, cocoa, coriander x 2, cream of tartar, cumin x 2, curry, curry leaf, dill seed, dill weed, fennel x 2, fenugreek, fines, fish rub, flour de sea, French, galangal, garam masala, garlic x 2, garlic salt, garlic pepper, ginger gomasio, grains of paradise, greek, grill rub, habanero, Harissa, Herbes de Provence, hibiscus, hickory, hing, horseradish, house blend, Italian, jalapeño, jerk, juniper, kelp, lamb rub, lavender, Lebanese, lemon, lemongrass, lemon pepper, licorice, lime, mace, maple, marjoram, mediterranean, merlot, mesquite, Mexican, middle eastern, mint, mole, Montreal, moroccan, mulling spice, mustard x 2, nigella, nutmeg x 2, nutritional yeast, old bay, onion x 2, onion salt, orange, oregano, oregano Mexican, panch phoron, paprika, paprika hot, paprika smoked, paprika sweet, parsley, pesto, pepper x 2, peppercorn, peppercorn smoked, pickling, pizza, popcorn, poppy, porcini, poultry, pumpkin pie, quoter spices, ranch, ras el hanout, red pepper, rice seasoning, rosehips, rosemary x 2, saffron, sage, salt x 2, salt Himalayan, salt kosher, salt lava, salt smoked, salt wellness, salty & vinegar, savory, seasoning salt, sea salt, sea salt Maldon, seafood, Serrano, sesame, shallots, shawarma, spike, spinach, apirulina, Sriracha, star anise, steak, sumac, stevia, Szechuan, taco, tandoori, tarragon, Thai, thyme, togarashi, tomato, turmeric, urfa chili, vanilla bean, veggie, vindaloo, vinegar, wasabi, West Indies, white pepper, yeast, za'atar + 4 blanks.


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