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Which size jar should I buy?

SMALL JARS: If you have access to loose/bulk spices at a natural food store, we recommend using small jars and refilling often. Your spices will always be fresh and will improve the quality of your cooking. If you do not have a bulk spice section at your grocery store, you can buy jars pre-filled or buy small size appropriate refills from us! Small jars hold a shy 1/4 cup volume of spice. 

LARGE JARS: If you cook a lot, go with our larger jars! Large jars are similar to a typical grocery store container, and are a good option if you'll be transferring from standard spice containers. Large jars hold a heaping 1/2 cup.

Many people use a combination of small and large jars.

How do I get a jar out of the middle of the honeycomb?

It's easy to wiggle your fingers around the jar and take it out of the middle (Watch our video!). Depending on how you arrange the jars, the majority of jars can be grabbed by the edge of the design (for example, in set of 24 jars, the most you'll ever have is 10 jars in the "middle" of the honeycomb). We get this question all the time, and so far no one has ever come back to complain about this being an inconvenience.

Any tips on refilling jars?

We use a clean piece of paper as a funnel to refill jars easily. No need to purchase a plastic funnel! Check out our video to see just how easy it is.

Can't I just DIY it? Why buy yours?

Sure! That's how we made our first spice rack in 2009. However, here are the additional benefits you'll get from purchasing our system. 
The Look!  We custom manufacture Gneiss Spice jars to have smooth bottoms that show off your spices. Commercially available jars have mold #s on the jar bottom, which distracts from the beauty of spices and causes labels to bubble up. 

Food Safe!  Certified food-safe, stainless steel magnet covers separate spices and magnets, prolonging the life of your magnets and protecting your spices. 

Personalized!  Choose from our collection of over 200 organic spices to create a spice rack personalized to your cooking tastes. 

Customized!  Custom hand-stamping makes Gneiss Spice jars unique. When you purchase our filled jars, the spice name is hand-stamped into the lid.  Hand-stamped empty jars are also available. 

Time Saving!  You'll need to figure out the correct magnet size and strength to work with your jars, and then find the time to put it together. Save even more time by purchasing one of our pre-filled organic spice kits!  

Save Money!  Magnets are expensive. Dozens of people have become our customers after trying to DIY-it first. 

Customer Service! And most importantly, when you have an issue with your spice jars, you have us to turn to for help.

FAQ Shipping

What is the order cut off date for Christmas 2020 delivery?

Please note USPS and UPS express are not guaranteeing delivery dates this holiday season. We recommend ordering early!

USA Ground Shipping: Order by Dec 14th. We are located in rural Maine, ground shipping can take up to 8 days! 

USA Express Shipping: Order by Dec 17th.

International Orders:

Orders over 2 lbs are shipped DHL or USPS Priority; allow 4-10 business days for delivery. Order by Dec 10th.

For small orders under 2 lbs, we ship international first class. Allow two weeks for delivery. 

International delivery dates are an estimation and not guaranteed. 

How much does shipping cost? (Free over $100)

USA Ground Shipping (3-8 days): $3.95-$8.95 based on weight. Orders over $100 ship free! 

USA Express Shipping (1-3 days): $9.95-$22.95 based on weight. 

Please note, all jars and refills are filled to order and require 1-4 business days handling time. 

International shipping is already discounted up to 30%, and ship DDU (delivered duties unpaid). Put items in your cart to see shipping charges to your country. Read shipping policies here.  

Why isn't all shipping free?

When shipping is "free" it just means the shipping costs are built into the pricing structure of the products. We don't want to do that! To keep costs down on our spice refills (most are between $3-$4), we charge shipping by weight for orders under $100. This way, whether you order one item or ten, you only pay for the actual shipping once. 

When will my order ship? When will it arrive?

Handling Time: Most standard items ship in 1-2 business days; custom items ship in 1-4 business days. Spice refills are filled to order, to ensure freshness. Trust us, it's worth the wait! And, we don't work weekends, because we like our families. If there is a delay, we will contact you.

Shipping Speed: During checkout, you will choose your shipping speed. Ground items are delivered 3-7 days after shipping; express delivery is 1-3 days after shipping.

My aunt's birthday is Friday! Can you help me?  (That depends.)

Depending on what you'd like to send as a gift, we can ship in stock items if ordered by 9 am.  Check out our sale section for "ready to ship" gift kits. Text is the fastest way to contact us at 347.668.2376 with questions. Please write your gift message in the "notes to seller" at checkout. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! For most locations, we use DHL International Express. Our international shipping prices are discounted by 40% (because even we wouldn't pay $90 to mail order a spice rack, no matter how stylish it is). Please note: international packages are shipped DDU (Delivered Duties Unpaid). Depending on your country, you may have to pay customs fees to receive your parcel. Though we charge you less than actual shipping costs, your country may charge duties on the full shipping price (UK). 

My item is lost! Help!

FAQ Customer service

What is your return policy?

Forever! We want you to love your new spice organization system! Please contact us with any issues. We'll work hard to make it right. If we can't, we'll issue a pre-paid return label to send the item back for a refund. Contact us at

Help! My jars are sliding!

Oh, no! We're sorry the jars aren't working perfectly for you! Please contact us at, and we will work to figure out a solution. 

I bought small jars. Can I exchange for the large?

What?! I just purchased and now you're having a sale. Boo hoo!!

You'll send me a free gift if I find a typo on the website? (Yes.)

Yes, please!! It's hard for us to proof our own work. Send us an email to with the typo and your shipping address. We'll send you a free gift!

And when is your next sale?

We don't have site-wide sales very often! Join our mailing list for exclusive offers and be the first to know!

FAQ Magnetic jars

Where can I read an honest review from a third party?

Is Gneiss Spice the most stylish spice rack?

Will Gneiss Spice magnetic jars make me a better cook?

Yes! Keeping your spices in sight will encourage you to use them more often. You won't skip seasoning because it's inconvenient. You'll experiment more because spices are "in sight, in mind," as our reviewer Patricia says. 

And because our organic spices are so fresh, your food will actually taste better, too!

What are the dimensions of the jars?

Small jars measure 2" tall by 1.75" wide and hold a shy 1/4 cup volume. 

Large jars measure 2.5" x 2.5" and hold a heaping 1/2 cup volume. 

We recommend small jars for most spices, especially ones you use infrequently or in small amounts like cardamom, cayenne, cloves or nutmeg. However, if you plan to transfer standard grocery store bottles, purchase the larger jars. 

Check out our helpful FAQ video where we compare the two jar sizes. 

Can I use both sizes of jars? (Yes.)

Yes! And we recommend it! Personally, we use mostly small jars, and then use larger jars for our favorite spices. While ordering, keep in mind you want to use up ground spices in 6-12 months. Use this timeframe as a guide to determine which size jar to use for each spice.

Need more help? Check out our helpful FAQ video where we compare the two jar sizes. 

I'm transferring spices from a regular grocery store bottle. Will they fit?

Small jars:  No!  You cannot fit a standard grocery store bottle of spices into the small jars. They hold a shy 1/4 cup. We recommend refilling at a bulk food store, where you can buy a small amount of spice. Otherwise, you'll need to store the overflow. We also sell "size-appropriate" refills. 

Large jars:  Yes! Most grocery store bottles are similar in size to our larger jars. However, please purchase jar size based on how often you will use the spices. Stale spices don't make for delicious meals! 

Can I fit a standard tablespoon?

Small jars:  No!  A standard round tablespoon will not fit in our small jars. However, we sell rectangular measuring spoons which fit perfectly. 

Large jars:  Yes! We have yet to meet a measuring spoon that can't fit into the mouth of the larger jars.  

Do these come with shaker lids?

No. Due to the airtight-style of lid we use to ensure freshness, there is no room for an optional shaker fitment. We have investigated different prototype ideas, and have not found a functional design that can be made plastic-free. Please note, Gneiss Spice discourages the use of shaker fitments. They should only be used when seasoning finished dishes or cold ingredients. You should never shake your spice jars directly over cooking food. Steam will quickly degrade your spices, causing them to lose flavor and clump together. 

We understand that for some people, shaker fitments are an essential part of their cooking style. If this is you, and you still want to give our system a try—write us a message in the "notes to seller" at checkout and we will include a free spice spoon for you to use as a "shaker." Obviously, we're biased, but we think keeping the jar top open for easy measuring, and using a spoon to "scoop + shake" works even better! :)

What is the best way to wash my jars?

Glass jars can be run through the dishwasher; magnetic lids should be hand-washed and dried. We recommend wiping out with a damp cloth when needed. Never submerge lids. Please contact us if you have any issues at

Do I need to wash new empty jars prior to filling?

We work in a certified food-safe kitchen, and practice the highest sanitation standards. Your jars and lids are handled carefully, and are sent to you ready to use! Happy Cooking!

Are magnets safe to be near spices?

Yes! We use the same grade magnets used during food manufacturing to remove metal particles from ingredients. However, to prolong the life of your product, we have designed a certified food-safe steel magnet cover that seals magnets to the lid and separates them from the spices. 

The components of our lids are made of metal. While most spice jars use plastic, plastic lasts forever; we think that's a bad thing! To prolong the life of the metal parts, please keep them dry. If you have any issues with corrosion, contact us and we'll be happy to help. 

Gneiss Spice does not use plastic—will this product last forever?

No! Plastic lasts forever; we consider that a bad thing! Our product is plastic-free. While plastic is cheap, durable and lightweight, it's bad for the earth. We choose higher quality glass and metal to construct our product.

Lids are made of metal and won't last forever. With basic care, lids should last for several years. Very salty blends, such as our seasoning salts or popcorn blends may cause lids to rust more quickly, especially if you live in a humid climate. It's essential to keep lids dry.

If you have any issues with rusting, reach out to us at and we'll be happy to assist you with replacements. All of the components that make up our spice jars can be deconstructed. This way, we can replace only the necessary parts, instead of the whole product, allowing us to reuse materials and create less waste. 

Where is your product made?

We source materials domestically and internationally, and all production is done in our studio in Bethel, Maine, USA. Specifically, lids, magnet covers, steel wall plates and labels are sourced in the USA. Glass jars and magnets are produced in China. We work with a US spice importer that works directly with farms to ensure organic, sustainable and fair trade practices are followed. 

We dream of being 100% made in the USA. However, the US no longer manufactures magnets, and unfortunately, domestic glass prices are significantly more than we can afford. Help our company grow so we can afford to purchase US made glass! 

Where do I stick the labels?

Wherever you want! I think of our spice jars as artwork; I put labels on the lids. If you want to easily identify each spice, put the labels on the glass bottoms. If you find you don't like where you placed them, and need an additional set—just contact us at and we'll be happy to provide an extra one at no cost.

I make a delicious custom blend. Can you create a personalized sticker label for me?

Our clear sticker labels are pre-printed on a local mechanical press. We cannot customize them. However, there are four blank labels included with the set that you can use to customize your spice jar labels. 

For our hand-stamped lids, we can do any spice name or word. Small lids can fit one word up to 9-letters long. Check out our empty, personalized jars here.

I have hand-stamped jars, but want to change the spice inside. Can I get a replacement lid?

Yes! Our lids are designed to disassemble, so we can replace the lid and reuse the magnetic components. Contact us at and let us know what you need. 

Are your jars safe for children to use?

Yes! The jars are colorful and fun—children will love to rearrange them on your fridge. However, please keep in mind that magnets are not toys, so the magnetic components should never be disassembled around children. 

FAQ wall plates

I need a specific size wall plate for my kitchen. Can you help me? (Yes.)

Stainless wall plates can be customized up to 48", and are priced by the square inch. Here are a few customer photos to spark your creativity. Please contact us at to set up a special order. 

Why don't wall plates come with hardware? That's annoying.

You need to use whatever hardware is appropriate for your wall surface (wood, sheetrock, tile, etc.). You can even use double-sided adhesive tape! In the past when we included hardware, it caused issues. Plus, people wouldn't use the hardware so it was wasteful. 

How do I install the wall plates?

All wall plates come with drilled corner holes. Wall plates 15" or larger come with center edge holes, too. Use whatever hardware is appropriate for your wall surface. Because the plates anchor at all 4 corners, there is no need to attach to wall studs. 

You can also use heavy-duty, doubled-sided adhesive tape!

How many jars fit comfortably on a wall plate?

6"x8" plate: 10 small jars or 6 large jars

10"x12" plate: 28 small jars or 18 large jars 

12"x15" plate: 48 small jars or 24 large jars 

14"x14" plate: 48 small jars or 24 large jars 

20"x10" plate: 60 small jars or 30 large jars

Can I hang the jars vertically under a shelf or cabinet? (Yes.)

Yes! The jars are more than strong enough to hang vertically under a cabinet. We can provide a custom cut plate as thin as 3". Or you can purchase steel strips from your local hardware store.

Do I even need a wall plate?  (No.)

No! Our jars are made to stick to your fridge—assuming you have a fridge that holds magnets. We find our jars are about 99% compatible with most fridge models. If your fridge is too slick or not magnetic enough, and your jars are sliding, we'll work hard to find a solution for you. If we can't fix it, a wall plate will work perfectly; or you can take us up on our return policy.


How are spice refills shipped?

Gneiss Spice offers zero waste spice refill service. 

Spice refills are shipped in cellophane bags sealed with stickers made from plant material. They are entirely compostable! Refill bags are not meant for long-term storage, and spices should be moved into airtight containers. 

Spice refills are sold to fit our small and large jars.

When should I replace my spices? How can I tell if they are fresh?

Ground spices should be used in 6-12 months. Whole spices will last up to 2 years. To tell if your spices are fresh enough to use—give them a sniff! If they still smell delicious, use them. If not, it's time to compost and refill your jars. Cooking is an act of love, don't ruin it with stale spices!

I already have spices. Why should I buy yours?

Spices are packed to order, so they are as fresh as possible. Our spices will be the most fragrant you have ever purchased! If your spices are older than 6 months, please sniff them prior to filling your jars. If you can't smell much, you won't taste much. We know it's hard to dump stale spices (and it goes against zero waste principles), but if you value flavorful food, it's time to compost your old spices.

I thought spices were supposed to be kept in the dark!

Gneiss Spice knows that if you see your spices, you'll use them! Get them out where they are easily accessible and start experimenting! Spices will go stale just as quickly sitting in a dark cupboard. 

Why are your spices sold by volume, not weight?

At Gneiss Spice, our goal is to reduce kitchen waste. Spice refills are sold by volume to fit our small and large jars, eliminating the problem of having to store leftovers. 

Are spices certified organic? (Yes.)

Yes! 99% of our offerings are certified organic. Not only that, they are ethically and sustainably harvested. And, most importantly, they are super fresh and the absolute best quality you can buy. 

There are a few spices that we have not been able to source organically (like my favorite, Turkish urfa biber!). If a spice is not organic, it is noted on the specific product page. 

What about gluten-free? (Yes.)

Yes! We sell pure salts, spices and seasonings. No additives are used in any products.

And kosher? (Yes.)

Yes. Most spices are kosher and listed on the individual product pages. Please email us at and tell us which spices you are interested in.

My popcorn spices are getting clumpy!

Our popcorn seasonings are ground very fine to help stick to the popcorn kernels. We do not use any anti-caking agents or artificial gunk; we only blend pure spices and salt. Use up your popcorn seasonings in a few months to avoid clumping. We promise, this won't be hard! If clumping does occur, just stir them up.

What is your favorite spice?

Lately shichimi togarashi doesn't make it back to the fridge and lives on the kitchen table. Smoked paprika, za'atar and ras el hanout also make a heavy rotation in our house. Our burger blend is salt-free, so it doesn't dry out your meat (salt outside just prior to cooking!). Urfa biber is a crushed Turkish chili used like a condiment. It has a luxurious oily texture, with a smoky-sweet-salty-sour flavor all at once. 

P.S. Our coriander is amazing. You probably don't even know what coriander smells like, as most grocery store bottles are so stale! 

So what does coriander smell like? 

Coriander smells like a fresh lemon cut open in a pine forest. 

What are the best-selling spices? 

Click here to see a list sorted by what our customers most often buy!


What is a "zero waste" lifestyle anyway? How does it relate to my spice collection?

Zero Waste is a set of principles focused on waste prevention that encourages that all products are reused. The goal is for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. Currently, only 9% of plastic is actually recycled. To Gneiss Spice, zero waste means reusing as many packing materials as possible, and buying sustainable and recyclable materials. 

For our customers, we help eliminate the need for single-use plastic spice containers. Our glass jars can be brought to your local natural food store and refilled in the bulk spice aisle. For customers that do not have access to a bulk spice shop, we offer "size appropriate" spice refills shipped in compostable packaging. Instead of buying spices by weight, we sell our spice refills by volume so that there is no waste. 

What can I expect from your zero waste packaging? 

Your item will arrive in a cardboard box, sealed with water-activated tape that is fully recyclable. Any logo stickers on the box are 100% PCW, uncoated, and made with plant-based adhesive that is fully recyclable. Any paper invoices and inserts are printed on 100% PCW materials. Packing peanuts in your shipment are compostable (you can eat them!) and never purchased, but salvaged from incoming shipments. 

Most cardboard jar cases have been repurposed from the manufacturer. Hopefully you can reuse the box, and if not, please recycle.

Please note, our empty DIY spice sets and custom filled kits include clear plastic spice labels for the bottom of the jars. Please request these to be removed from your order if you do not want the plastic waste.   

What part of your product is plastic? 

The only plastic components sold with Gneiss Spice magnetic jars are the clear stick-on spice labels. These are included in our Empty DIY Spice Kits and our Your Choice Filled Spice KitsPlease request labels to be removed from your order if you do not want the plastic waste.

Why can't I keep my spices in the refill baggies?

Our packaging is made out of plants, not plastic! Spice refills are shipped in an uncoated cellophane bag, with compostable stickers to seal. The bags are fragile and not waterproof. Eventually humidity will cause your spices to clump. Do your food a favor and move your spice refills into an airtight container after delivery. 

I have spice jars I want to reuse. Can I purchase your lids? 

Our lids are custom manufactured to fit our spices jars. Please message us with a photo and measurements of your jars at to see if they are compatible.