How we work to reduce our waste.

We ship plastic-free.

  • Post-Consumer Waste: all of our printed paper inserts and invoices are made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.

  • Reusing Packaging: We package spice kits in quantities that allow us to reuse cartons that come with our jar shipments. This allows us to reduce waste and avoid buying new materials. 

  • Water-Activated Paper Tape: We use recyclable paper tape for our shipping cartons, to replace plastic packing tape. 

  • Recyclable Adhesive Stickers: We upgraded logo stickers to a recyclable adhesive, so now they are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable with our craft boxes.

  • Minimal Packaging: Through trial & error we have determined the minimal amount of packaging needed to get your items delivered safely. 

Refill indefinitely with no waste.

At Gneiss Spice, we celebrate Earth Day, everyday. Our glass spice jar system is meant to be refilled indefinitely. Bring jars to the bulk spice aisle of your local grocery store, or refill online with our sustainable packaging. Last year, Gneiss Spice prevented over 200,000 disposable spice containers from entering the waste stream.  

Packaging made from plants, not plastic.

Refill packaging is safe for home composting and perfect for your zero-waste kitchen. Can't compost? Request recyclable paper packaging in notes at checkout. Refills are packed to order, ensuring the freshest spices available. Refill packaging is not meant for long-term storage; transfer spices into an airtight container. 

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