Below you will find a list of eco-friendly materials we use to fulfill your orders.

  • Compostable Materials: Spice refills are packaged in plant-based, biodegradable cellophane bags, closed with a compostable plant-based label. This makes Gneiss Spice the first online zero waste spice refill option! Spice refills should be transferred to permanent containers when received; refill bags are not meant for long-term storage. If you don't compost, let us know and we can substitute paper bags for your order. Please note, paper bags are not as durable and may leak a bit in shipping. 

Compostable zero waste spice refill

  • Water-Activated Paper Tape:  We use recyclable paper tape for our shipping cartons, to replace plastic packing tape. 
  • Reducing Packaging: We package our spice kits in quantities that allow us to reuse the simple Kraft box cartons that come with our jar shipments. In doing so, we reduce our waste and avoid buying new materials. This is better than recycling!
  • Post-Consumer Waste Materials: all of our printed paper materials are made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.
Zero waste recyclable packaging at Gneiss Spice.
  • Recyclable Paper Logo Stickers: We upgraded our logo stickers to include a recyclable adhesive, so now our paper stickers are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable
  • Plant-based Packing Peanuts: If your shipment includes packing peanuts, they are 100% plant-based. To discard, dissolve in water (or eat them).  

If you have more ideas of ways for us to become zero waste, please contact us here!