ZERO WASTE BUNDLE: Let's Ditch Disposable Plastic


$ 99.00 $ 120.00

Let's ditch disposable plastic!

Our durable magnetic spice jars are made of glass and metal, so they'll last a while (but not forever like plastic). Pair our jars with other zero-waste kitchen essentials, and you'll be on your way to making less trash. You got this!

Zero-waste bundle includes:

  • 3-pk Beeswax wraps to replace plastic wrap
  • 2-pk cotton gauze produce bags
  • 2-pk cotton mesh produce bags
  • 5-pk reusable sandwich + snack bags
  • Salad dressing bottle with eight DIY recipes
  • Dish soap block, scrubber and bamboo soap holder to replace plastic sponges and liquid soap bottles
  • 2-pk Swedish dish towel with eco-theme prints
  • A 3-pk of our new favorite cleaning cloths! Made here in Maine from sustainably harvested wood, these cloths rinse 99.9% germ free. Each replaces 40 rolls of paper towels! You can compost when done.
  • And a surprise! 

Complete the gift set! Add Zero-Waste Chef cookbook for tips on reducing food waste without forsaking flavor. 

Buy the bundle and save over 15% on these reusable items!