Personalized Hand-Stamped Empty Magnetic Spice Jars

Keeping a zero-waste kitchen? Awesome! You inspire us every day in our quest to make Gneiss Spice as low waste as possible. Our personalized empty magnetic spice jars have hand-embossed lids, creating a permanent label. Jars are made of durable glass and metal, and are plastic-free and reusable! Take your jars to your natural food store to refill or buy size-appropriate refills from us. Thanks for keeping disposable plastic spice bottles out of our landfills!!

Hand-Embossing Directions: 

  • Limit spice names to 9 letter single-words or two short words
  • Do not include descriptions that can be seen through the glass, such as powder, seed, ground, whole, etc.
  • If you are unsure how to abbreviate, we can help!
  • Note: Hand-stamped empty jars do not include plastic spice label stickers.  Add labels here.

Are your spices more than a year old? Freshen up your flavors by choosing from our 300+ organic seasonings filled to order. Pre-filled jars save time, money and a mess—we do the dirty work of filling jars for you. 

Personalized: Single Empty Magnetic Spice Jar with Hand-Stamped Lid

$ 6.50$ 6.50

Personalized: 12 Empty Magnetic Spice Jars with Custom Stamped Lids

$ 75.00$ 75.00

Personalized: 24 Empty Magnetic Spice Jars with Custom Stamped Lids

$ 120.00$ 120.00