DIY Magnetic Spice Jars – 12 Large Empty Jars


$ 79.99 $ 85.00
Spices out of reach? Gneiss Spice magnetic jars conveniently hold to your fridge. With spices in sight, you can easily grab what you need—dishing up fabulous flavorful food! Hexagonal shape fits together creating a spice-colored honeycomb design. This DIY Magnetic Spice Kit Includes:
  • 12 large hexagon magnetic jars for fridge
  • Empty jars to fill with spices from your pantry
  • Strong magnets to keep jars from sliding
  • Airtight silver lids to keep spices fresh
  • Internal food-safe barrier between magnet and spices
  • Clear labels of most common spice names

Jars are empty, to fill with herbs and spices from your pantry. Large jars measure 2.5” x 2.5” and hold a heaping 1/2 cup volume. Our large jars are similar in size to most grocery store bottles. Unless you cook a lot, We recommend buying spices from the bulk section of your local natural food store and refilling as needed. Smaller amounts of spice stay fresh. Spice should be replaced every 1-2 years.

Setting up a new kitchen? Consider purchasing custom jars filled with your choice of organic spices!

New to Gneiss Spice? Check out our FAQ videos before purchasing.