Burger Blend (Salt-Free)

$ 4.00

You've been seasoning your burgers all wrong! Our Burger Blend mix of spices will make the most tender beef or turkey burgers. Why? It's salt-free! Salt draws water out of the meat and makes it springy (think sausage). But remember, you still have to add salt to the outside of the meat just before cooking! Even Cook's Illustrated agrees! This burger blend is also a secret ingredient in my homemade Mac-n-cheese. 

Details: Certified organic and sustainably harvested. Hand-blended. 

Ingredients: Paprika, garlic, onion, black pepper, mustard, cayenne (salt-free).

Zero-waste Spice Refills:
  • Small Refill: fits small jars, compostable packaging (1.0 oz net weight)
  • Large Refill: fits large jars, compostable packaging (2.5 oz net weight)

Refill packaging is compostable and not meant for long-term storage. Read about our zero-waste packaging here.

Reusable Glass Magnetic Jars:
  • Small Jar: shy 1/4 cup volume (1.0 oz net weight)
  • Large Jar: 1/2 cup volume (2.5 oz net weight)

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