Compostable Cleaning Cloth 3-Pack

$ 15.00

Beyond Gourmet's Nature-Fresh Cleaning Cloths are specially created from all-natural wood fibers that are sustainably sourced in Maine, USA.

Once water is added, the cloths become pliable and strong, like fabric, to clean any surface until it's spotless without scratching delicate surfaces. The natural bacteria-fighting qualities keeps away sour odors and they rinse 99.9-percent clean and fresh in tap water. Includes 3 cleaning cloths. 

Measuring 9.5 x 11-inches, they cover more surface to clean easier and finish housework faster. Each cloth can be reused enough times to replace more than 40 rolls of paper towels for less waste and more sustainable living practices.

Care: Machine washable with mild laundry detergent for a thorough clean between uses.  Compostable once worn out.