SPICY | 7 Organic Seasonings to Turn Up the Heat and Spice Up The Kitchen


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Our favorite Wedding or Valentine's gift...to turn up the heat in the kitchen! 

Included in the Spicy gift set:

  • 7 small hexagon magnetic jars for your fridge
  • Durable glass jars are reusable
  • Filled with certified organic + kosher spices
  • Air tight lids to keep spices fresh
  • Silver lids hand-stamped with spice names
  • Strong magnets keep jars from sliding
  • Internal barrier between magnet and spices

Certified organic, kosher + fair trade seasonings included in this set: 

  • BERBERE—If you like spicy food, then this signature spice blend from Ethiopia is where you start.  A blend of warm ginger, fenugreek, clove, nutmeg gets balanced out by salt, chilies, garlic and peppers!
  • SMOKED CHILI FLAKES—The all purpose stand by, but with more flavor! Use on pasta, stir-fries, soup…. This is especially great added to a meat rub. I use it in my steak seasoning blend.
  • BIRDSEYE CHILES—100,000 on the Scoville Heat Unit rating system. I’d put one in a stew or chili…and take out before serving! Careful handling these, too.
  • HABANERO SALT—Yeehaw! This spicy Fusion salt will put a spring in your step. Using ground down high-quality, high-heat habaneros to create an intense sea salt with a kick. This is the perfect salt for anyone who likes to add a little extra punch to anything on the grill. A great match with recipes that call for lime and butter. Use sparingly! 
  • THAI CURRY—A traditional seasoning used for the entire spectrum of Thai dishes and works just as wonderfully within Szechuan recipes. Goes well with any Thai dish, tofu, vegetables, noodles, and stir fries! I’ve used this on pan fried fish, and it was great.
  • WEST INDIES—An intoxicating and alluring blend, which has been popularized by traditional Caribbean dishes, and is best in stir fry entrees, to rub on fish, and as a seasoning base for gumbo. Sweet and spicy!
  • MEXICAN TACO—Rev up your next taco party by adding a liberal amount of this spice blend to a little oil or hot fat to help distribute the flavors throughout the meat or vegetables. 

Pairing a spicy cookbook? Here are a few of our favorites:

Small jars measure 1.75” wide by 2” tall; and hold a shy 1/4 cup volume. These jars are smaller than traditional spice containers; smaller amounts of spice stay fresh. Refill with us or in bulk at your local natural foods store. Jars are made to stick to your fridge or any steel surface. Purchase a mini wall plate if you need to store jars on a backsplash. 

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