Rustic Empty Magnetic Spice Rack for Wall

$ 120.00
A signature piece for your rustic kitchen decor. Each rusted wall plate is one of a kind! Store jars on your backsplash, cupboard or inside a cabinet! DIY Magnetic Spice Rack includes:
  • Hexagon magnetic jars
  • Choose jar size
  • Airtight silver lids keep spices fresh
  • Internal food-safe magnet cap keeps spices and magnets separate
  • Naturally rusted steel metal wall plate
  • Clear 1" labels of most common spice names

Jars are empty, to fill with herbs and spices from your pantry.

  • Small jars hold a scant 1/4 cup volume, measuring 2" tall x 1.75" wide
  • Large jars hold a heaping 1/2 cup volume, measuring 2.5” x 2.5”
  • We recommend choosing jar size based on the spices you can use up in 12 months. Smaller amounts of spice stay fresh. 

This rustic kit includes a carbon steel plate that has a been naturally rusted outside over the Maine summer. Plates are then roughly polished and sealed. Each is unique! Due to subtle surface texture, your magnetic lid tops may slightly wear. 

Save waste and purchase jars pre-filled with your choice of organic spices

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