Dill Weed

$ 3.30

Dill weed (Anethum graveolens) grows well in hardy environments, which explains it's historical popularity in Northern European cuisine. Perfect match with fish, potatoes and pickles. Always add dill weed towards the end of cooking to retain its flavor. If you like dill, make sure you check out our dill pickle or veggie dill popcorn seasoning! Also available as dill seed

Details: Certified organic and sustainably harvested. Origin Tunisia. 

Zero-waste Spice Refills:
  • Small Refill: Sized to fit our small jars, compostable packaging. (0.4 oz net weight)
  • Large Refill: Sized to fit our large jars, compostable packaging. (0.9 oz net weight)

Refill packaging is compostable and not meant for long-term storage. Read about our zero-waste packaging here.

Reusable Glass Jars:
  • Small Magnetic Jar: shy 1/4 cup volume (0.4 oz net weight)
  • Large Magnetic Jar: 1/2 cup volume (0.9 oz net weight)

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