Asafetida (Hing Powder)

$ 4.95

Update: Organic product is out of stock. Our current inventory is an all natural, gluten-free product. It has a more tan color and is a bit fluffier in texture than our usual stock product. It uses turmeric as a stabilizer.

Asafetida or asafoetida, also known as hing (Pimenta dioica), has a pungent flavor. It's a favorite onion substitute for people with allium allergies. A staple in Indian cuisine, it's often used in vegetarian dishes. 

Details: 80% asafetida powder, 20% organic turmeric. Gluten-free. Origin India. 

Zero-waste Spice Refills:
  • Small Refill: fits small jars, compostable packaging (1.4 oz net weight)
  • Large Refill: fits large jars, compostable packaging (3.5 oz net weight)

Refill packaging is compostable and not meant for long-term storage. Read about our zero-waste packaging here.

Reusable Glass Magnetic Jars:
  • Small Jar: shy 1/4 cup volume (1.4 oz net weight)
  • Large Jar: 1/2 cup volume (3.5 oz net weight)

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