SAVORY SALTS | Garlic, Rosemary & Tomato Infused Salts

$ 27.00

Brightly colored infused savory salts to lift up your next dish.

  • Reusable hexagon magnetic jars for fridge
  • Silver lids are hand-stamped with salt names
  • Internal food-safe magnet cap keeps spices and magnets separate
  • Three naturally infused salts

Strong neodymium magnets will keep jars from sliding.  Lids form an airtight lock, keeping spices fresh. Small jars measure 1.75” wide by 2” tall and hold a volume of a shy 1/4 cup. This set includes three naturally infused savory salts:

  • GARLIC Puts traditional garlic salt to shame—this sea salt infused with real roasted garlic creates an intense flavor that is out of this world. You can put it on absolutely anything—though it is especially great added to grill rubs for meat and fish or sprinkled on broiled veggies.

  • ROSEMARY Tastes as if harvested straight from the herb garden! A perfect pairing with roasted potatoes, it will make this simple dish extraordinary. Add to any dish to give it a fresh, herbed taste.

  • TOMATO Take your favorite crusty sourdough bread, spread with butter and top with a pinch of Tomato Fusion Salt. The rich tomato flavor is created by a process that incorporates the whole tomato. Great for soups and sauces, topping appetizers or mixed with herbs to create an amazing spice rub.