Artfully Designed Spice Storage

Welcome! Gneiss Spice ("Nice Spice") magnetic jars take your cluttered spice situation and transform it into a functional work of art. Our magnetic jars are stored on a fridge or steel backsplash for easy access—no more digging through cabinets! With spices in sights, you’ll use them often, becoming a more adventurous and confident cook.  

We like to think nineteenth-century designer, William Morris, was talking about Gneiss Spice when he said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

That's us—beautifully useful.

Personalize Your Pantry from 200+ Organic Seasonings

Our specialty is creating custom spice racks with your choice of certified organic and sustainably harvested spices. We fill spice jars to order to ensure the freshest quality, guaranteed! You can buy single filled spice jars or invest in a gift box set and save. 

Have your own spices? Purchase empty jars to organize your pantry.

Spice Storage for a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Made of durable glass and metal, Gneiss Spice jars are plastic-free. Reusable and refillable, they eliminate the need for single-use, disposable spice containers. For a zero-waste system, refill spice jars at your local natural foods market. No bulk spice aisle? We offer size-appropriate refills packaged in compostable bags.

You can personalize empty spice jars with hand-stamped names and eliminate the need for plastic spice labels. All pre-filled jars come with stamped spice names.

Check out Package Free founder Lauren Singer's rave video review of our spice jars.

Eco-Friendly Values from Beginning to End

At Gneiss Spice, we believe we can grow sustainably without harming people or the planet. We take responsibilities for the materials we buy and sell. To us, this means using sustainable packaging, sourcing ethical spices, paying fair wages, and working to revitalize our rural community. 

Learn how we're different.

We give 1% of sales to fight food insecurity. And each time you review a product, we donate $1 to our local foodbank!


by Lauren Singer from Trash is for Tossers


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