Homemade Vanilla Extract Kit


$ 39.00 $ 55.00

NEW! Make vanilla extract to share with your friends and family.

Each kit makes one pint of vanilla extract. We recommend steeping the extract in a larger 16oz container (not included) and then decanting into the included gift bottles when it's ready to be given away!

What's Included:

What else do you need? 80-proof alcohol, a pint mason jar, and a lot of time!


What are vanilla splits and cuts? These are vanilla pods that split on the vine and are no longer whole; they cannot be sold as gourmet beans. Usually splits & cuts go directly to commercial buyers in the beverage industry. Gneiss Spice is excited to offer this affordable product direct to consumers. 

  1. Exceptional Value: Vanilla splits & cuts cost half as much as whole beans, making gourmet quality accessible to everyone.
  2. Rich Flavor: These beans are very dry, but that's what makes them exceptional for extract and paste. They have a higher vanillin content, so they infuse faster with a more intense flavor.
  3. Eco-Friendly: By choosing vanilla splits or cuts, you're reducing food waste and supporting responsible sourcing. Splits/cuts are packaged in compostable, plant-based packaging.

Note: Due to their lack of moisture, vanilla splits/cuts do not have a strong smell. 

Refill packaging is not meant for long-term storage! Transfer to airtight container if you do not use immediately. 

How many vanilla pods are in a pack of "splits"? The splits/cuts are not whole pods, though some whole pods may be included. The beans are broken or "split" in half, and the "cuts" are additionally cut into 2" pieces. The product cover photo is of a hand holding 47 gram of vanilla cuts. We estimate it's about 25-40 small beans per pack. 

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Beth looking through a measuring cup of vodka while making vanilla extract.