INFUSED SALTS | 7 Gourmet Infused Salts in Magnetic Jars

$ 60.00

Our best-selling item for the hard-to-shop-for relative! These all-natural, flavored salts are fun to experiment with and sure to be a new addition to someone's pantry. Packed in glass magnetic jars, the gift is reusable for future spices and salts. Magnetic jars will stick to your fridge; keeping the salts in sight means you'll reach for them more often.

Infused Salt Kit details:

  • 7 hexagon magnetic jars for your fridge
  • Durable glass jars are reusable
  • Filled with all-natural salts
  • Air tight lids to keep spices fresh
  • Silver lids hand-stamped with spice names
  • Strong magnets keep jars from sliding
  • Internal barrier between magnet and spices
Small jars measure 1.75” wide by 2” tall and hold a shy 1/4 cup.

    All-natural, gourmet salts harvested from around the globe:

    • CURRY An exquisite blend of spices with a heavenly flavor. Use this salt to add a twist to scrambled eggs, pasta, tofu or chicken. Just smell it!
    • GINGER Simple flavor of sea salt with fresh, juicy ginger. The ginger flavor of this Fusion variety cannot be matched by powdered or synthetic flavorings. Use on grilled veggies, Asian noodles or fish. Great for chocolatiers and pastry chefs alike.
    • LAVA Stunning black color and silky texture, this ''Hiwa Kai'' Hawaiian sea salt is infused with activated charcoal. The solar evaporated Pacific sea salt contains many health benefits and combined with the charcoal, it gives the salt detoxifying properties. Sprinkle on salads, eggs, and fish—and all foods that will contrast against this dark salt.
    • MERLOT Captures the deep rich flavor of red wine within a sea salt crystal. The delicious final product is a wonderful addition to gravy and sauces, and its rich, deep color makes it a visually stunning finishing salt. Try on chicken or with a spice rub on steak.
    • SRIRACHA Sriracha and sea salt—two ingredients that make everything better! From steak to margaritas to pizza to noodles, this thai chili salt will add some spice, zest and color to your cooking!
    • ROSEMARY Tastes as if harvested straight from the herb garden! A perfect pairing with roasted potatoes, it will make this simple dish extraordinary. Add to any dish to give it a fresh, herbed taste. Recently, we’ve been loving this salt with pasta.
    • SMOKED Extra bold smoked salt, made by slow roasting Pacific sea salt to create a uniquely hearty smokehouse flavor. Deliciously rich and enticing, this smoked sea salt is a 100% natural way to add authentic smoked flavor with no strange aftertaste. No liquid smoke, artificial flavors or coloring are added. Sprinkle sparingly!

    We sell spice refills—so infused salts can be refilled without buying new jars. Jars are made to stick to your fridge or any steel surface. Purchase a mini wall plate if you need to store jars on a backsplash. 

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