The Cook You Want to Be


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James Beard Award winner 2023!

We are excited to share this cookbook with our customers because Andy Baraghani shares some of the same values as Gneiss Spice.  One, he has a mortar and pestle collection (we thought we were the only ones!). We sell a few different ones on our site and have many varieties in our own kitchens.  Two, like Gneiss Spice, he does not believe in paper towels. He says "You want a stack of old kitchen towels at the ready.  A BIG stack. I'm not a paper-towel guy--I only use them to blot meat or drain oil from just-fried things. I use kitchen towels to wipe the counters, the carry a hot pot of water, to clean off the cutting board, to stabilize a bowl for aioli, to wipe my knife between tasks."

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Beloved food writer and social media star Andy Baraghani helps you define and develop your personal cooking style—and become the cook you want to be—in more than 100 recipes.

Andy Baraghani is a food writer and recipe developer who grew up watching a lot of cooking shows on PBS while learning to cook at home under the careful supervision of his mother (and with the help of a footstool). His experiences at Chez Panisse and Estela cemented his love for cooking, and his bold, highly achievable flavors became his signature cooking style during his time as a food editor at Bon Appétit. Andy lives in New York City with his partner—and an extensive mortar and pestle collection.  

Published May 2022.