Your neighborhood bulk bin spice shop, minus the plastic bags.

Spices are magic, so stop cooking with stale spices! Purchase the amount you will use in 6 months, and refill often. 

Most of our spices are certified organic, certified kosher and sustainably harvested with fair trade practices. All are preservative-free and gluten-free. Please see individual listings for certification information. 

Refill packaging is biodegradable + compostable and perfect for your zero-waste kitchen; it is not meant for long-term storage. Read more about our zero-waste, eco-friendly packaging here. If you prefer recyclable paper refill packaging, please write us a note at checkout and we will swap for you. 

Every spice has four options on a drop-down menu: 

  1. Small Refill — shy 1/4 cup (~3 1/2 Tablespoons), sized to fit our small magnetic jars.
  2. Large Refill — 1/2 cup (~8 Tablespoons), sized to fit our large magnetic jars.
  3. Small Filled Magnetic Jar — shy 1/4 cup volume.
  4. Large Filled Magnetic Jar — 1/2 cup volume.

Search for a spice here.

If you are building a gift set, choose 7 or 10 small jars or 4, 6 or 12 large jars to fit in a gift box. Or, build a spice set of 24 small jars or 24 large jars and save.