The Saffron Tales: Recipes from the Persian Kitchen


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A glorious celebration of the food and people of Iran, featuring stories from home kitchens and more than 80 delicious, modern recipes.

In The Saffron Tales, Yasmin weaves together a tapestry of stories from Iranian home kitchens with exclusive photography and fragrant, modern recipes that are rooted in the rich tradition of Persian cooking. All fully accessible for the home cook, Yasmin's recipes range from the inimitable fesenjoon (chicken with walnuts and pomegranates) to kofte berenji (lamb meatballs stuffed with prunes and barberries) and ghalyieh maygoo (shrimp, coriander, and tamarind stew). She also offers a wealth of vegetarian dishes, including tahcheen (baked saffron and eggplant rice) and domaj (mixed herb, flatbread, and feta salad), as well as sumptuous desserts such as rose and almond cake, and sour cherry and dark chocolate cookies.

With stunning photography from all corners of Iran and gorgeous recipe images, this lavish cookbook rejoices in the land, life, flavors, and food of an enigmatic and beautiful country.

Not just a great cookbook but a book full of stories – a love letter to Iran and its people. —Diana Henry

To cook the recipes in this book, you will need:

  • allspice
  • black lime
  • cardamom pods
  • cayenne
  • ceylon cinnamon
  • cilantro
  • clove
  • coriander (she calls them "cilantro seeds")
  • cumin
  • dill weed
  • ginger
  • kasuri methi
  • mint
  • nutmeg (freshly grated)
  • oregano
  • pepper (fresh ground)
  • rose petals (essential for Persian Love Cake)
  • saffron
  • sea salt (general cooking salt)
  • sea salt (flaky finishing salt)
  • sumac
  • thyme
  • turmeric
  • vanilla extract
  • za'atar

I also recommend grabbing a small bottle of rose water and bag of shelled pistachios. 

Add-Ons. Complete your gift by including a 2 gram jar of saffron or a complete Persian Spice Box. Spices included: black lime, ceylon cinnamon, kasuri methi, mint, rose petals, saffron, and sumac.