Ceramic Magnetic Spoon Holder

$ 25.00

Don't lose your spice spoon!

Spice jars should never be shaking over steaming food. Use a spice spoon to keep your spices fresh. These gorgeous, handmade ceramic spoon holders have a super strong magnet attached to the back; store with your spice jars and keep track of your spoon!

The holders also fit 2 sharpie markers or a lighter to help you stay organized! (TikTok asked, we tested!)

Details: Holder is 3" tall with oval opening approximately 1/2" x 1" and will fit up to 5 wooden spice spoons. Choose from eight custom spicy colors: Cayenne (orange-red), Turmeric (dusty yellow), Sea Salt (white), Dill (dark green), Fennel (aqua green — top left), Lavender (bluish-purple), Paprika (red — bottom left) and Rose (pink).


Note: Our jar-friendly measuring spoons can fit with the D-ring removed, but it may be too heavy for some fridges (the holder spins over on my fridge). But stuck to a steel plate holds perfectly!