POPCORN HEALTH KICK | 3-Pack of Spicy Cajun, Garlic Herbs + Superfood

$ 25.00

When you're looking for a healthy snack, reach for our popcorn seasonings! Superfood seasoning, full of green goodness (and it tastes good, promise!). Cajun is spicy for when you need a kick, and Garlic Herb is my favorite (though garlic may not be best choice for date night?). It's a perfect stocking stuffer for a popcorn addict. Each 3-pack of magnetic jars is packed in a cute organic muslin bag, and includes an insert describing how to make the perfect popcorn.

Jars are refillable and reusable!

Blended in small batches, spices are ground fine to stick to your popcorn! 

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