Grinder Gift Bundle: Includes Mill Set, Refills + Funnel


$ 94.99 $ 105.00

The world's best salt and pepper grinders! Made here in Maine from sustainably-harvested local wood, Fletcher's Mill grinders have a lifetime guarantee. With their adjustable grinding mechanism, these mills offer 30 levels of grinding coarseness.

    Gift Bundle Includes:

    • Pepper grinder stainless steel mechanism; cannot be used with salt because they will corrode overtime.
    • Salt grinder with nylon mechanism that won't corrode.
    • Your choice of grinder shape and finish.
    • Peppercorn funnel for easy refilling
    • Sea Salt Refill Small (1/4 cup volume)
    • Peppercorn Refill Small (1/4 cup volume)

    Add a small refill of coarse salt or pepper for your grinder here. Use this specialty peppercorn funnel to make refilling less messy!

    Sustainably Made: Fletchers’ Mill supports Sustainable Forest Practices within our Supply Chain. Sustainability has a positive impact on workers and our surrounding communities, resulting in a positive economic and environmental impact in the forests and woodlands of our region.  In addition, they recycle all of their wood waste generated from the manufacturing process!

    Origin: Made in New Vineyard, Maine, USA.