SECONDS | Stainless Wall Base for Spice Storage (Jars Not Included)


$ 15.99 $ 20.00

Shop our 'seconds' quality wall plates and give these items a new life! Items will have slight scratches, little dings or less than perfectly rounded corners—but are completely functional.

Wall plates add flexibility to your spice storage. Keep spices at arms reach on the backsplash behind your food prep area, inside your pantry or on the side of your cupboard.

  • Attractive brushed stainless finish to match appliances
  • 430-grade steel that will hold magnetic spice jars
  • Brushed stainless steel surface
  • Pre-drilled corners with .188" holes for easy installation; standard size #6 screws will work
  • Hardware not included
  • *XL plates may ship separately, direct from our steel cutter

Zero-waste customers—please note there is a vinyl peel off coating on the surface to protect the plate from scratches during production and shipments.

Size Guide:
  • Mini: 4x12 or 6x8 fits 13 small or 6 large jars
  • Medium: 10x12 fits 28 small or 16 large jars
  • Large: 12x15, 14x14 or 20x10 fits 48 small or 24 large jars
  • *X-Large: 12x 24 fits 72+ small or 40+ large jars (will ship separately, please allow for a few extra production days).
  • Need a custom wall plate size? We can do any size as skinny as 3" to as wide as 48". Contact us! 
You do not need a wall plate; jars will hold to your fridge!