GRILLING SALTS | Hickory, Habanero & Maple Infused Salts


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Our best-selling guy gift...

  • Reusable hexagon magnetic jars for fridge
  • Silver lids are hand-stamped with salt names
  • Internal food-safe magnet cap keeps spices and magnets separate
  • Three naturally infused salts

Strong neodymium magnets will keep jars from sliding.  Lids form an airtight lock, keeping spices fresh. Small jars measure 1.75” wide by 2” tall and hold a volume of ~1/4 cup. This set includes three all natural grilling salts:

  • HABANERO Yeehaw! This spicy Fusion salt will put a spring in your step. Using ground down high-heat habaneros to create an intense sea salt with a kick. A great match with recipes that call for lime and butter. Use sparingly, but often! Try on any dish that needs an extra kick.

  • HICKORY This salt is created when delicate Pacific sea salt flakes are naturally smoked over premium Hickory hard wood. The resulting smoke flavor is full and clean without bitterness. No artificial flavors added. Hickory smoke is synonymous with southern cooking. Works magic with ribs, burgers, red meat, turkey, and chicken!

  • MAPLE The answer to your sweet and salty cravings - organic maple syrup pairs flawlessly with all natural sea salt. Top off your favorite desserts; from popcorn to vanilla ice cream, or add a new dimension of flavor to a main course like savory grilled pork.