Za'atar Seasoning (Spiced)

$ 4.70

Za'atar is a Middle Eastern blend of herbal salty sour matched with nutty sesame seeds. This blend is uses the authentic herbs, sourced from Jordan. Most za'atar blends in the US use a mix of regular oregano and thyme. Taste the real thing and you'll be hooked! This za'atar is a spin on the original, with additional savory spices of cumin and chili. 

Never tried za'atar? Take a small bowl and mix a teaspoon with olive oil for a bread zip. Sprinkle pita bread, add to deviled eggs, mix with yogurt, or top on a salad or batch of French fries. It has a very strong taste; a little goes a long way.

Details: Organically grown (not certified).

Ingredients: Authentic wild thyme, oregano, sumac, sesame, sea salt, cumin, chili.

Zero-waste Spice Refills:
  • Small Refill: fits our small jars, compostable packaging (0.9 oz net weight)
  • Large Refill: fits our large jars, compostable packaging (2.0 oz net weight)
Reusable Glass Magnetic Jars:
  • Small Jar: shy 1/4 cup volume (0.9 oz net weight)
  • Large Jar: 1/2 cup volume (2.0 oz net weight)

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