Vanilla Pod Cuts (Extract Grade) - Madagascar


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NEW! A cost-effective alternative for making vanilla extract, paste and powder! Cut vanilla pods are the same high quality product as our vanilla splits, but chopped into pieces that are easier to process.

These beans won't win any beauty pageants. They are dried, brittle and shrunken — but that's what makes them exceptional at extracting flavor. One customer described them as "little twigs" and that's pretty accurate! Because these beans look inferior, it's believed home consumers won't want them. Vanilla splits and cuts usually go straight to commercial processors, but here are three reasons our customers love using them:
  1. Exceptional Value: Vanilla splits & cuts cost half as much as whole beans, making gourmet quality accessible to everyone.
  2. Rich Flavor: These beans are very dry, but that's what makes them exceptional for extract and paste. They have a higher vanillin content, so they infuse faster with a more intense flavor.
  3. Eco-Friendly: By choosing vanilla splits or cuts, you're reducing food waste and supporting responsible sourcing. Splits/cuts are packaged in compostable, plant-based packaging.
Note: Due to their lack of moisture, vanilla splits/cuts to not have a strong smell.
  • Vanilla cuts/splits are sold in 47 gram (1.7 oz) packs to make one pint of single-fold vanilla extract or paste. To make double-fold vanilla, use 8 oz of alcohol per pack of beans. (Or buy two packs of beans)
  • Plant-based, compostable refill packaging.
  • Ethically harvested in Madagascar.
  • Extract recipe card included.

Refill packaging is not meant for long-term storage! Transfer to airtight container if you do not use immediately. 

How many vanilla pods are in a pack of "cuts"? The splits/cuts are not whole pods, though some whole pods may be included. The beans are broken or "split" in half, and the "cuts" are additionally cut into 2" pieces. The product cover photo is of a hand holding 47 gram of vanilla cuts. We estimate it's about 25-40 small beans per pack. 

New! Add xanthan gum to your order so you're ready to make vanilla paste. Watch our TikTok tutorial here: