Cooking Smarter Bundle: Friendly Recipes with a Side of Science Cookbook + Spice Kit


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From next-gen culinary phenom and TikTok superstar Jeremy Scheck, easy and delicious recipes for every day and beyond—plus expert tips to make you a better, happier cook.

This is the book I wish I had when I was 23, working my first job, and living in my first apartment, learning how to cook my first home cooked meals!

You may have even made Jeremy's recipe for crispy potatoes that's been viewed 20 million times!

Jeremy Scheck has charmed a new generation of home cooks with his simple yet remarkably tasty recipes and his reliable culinary know-how. Now, in this stunning and personal book brimming with approachable recipes and step-by-step guidance, Jeremy shares the building blocks of what he calls culinary literacy: understanding why a recipe works and empowering readers to cook with confidence every day. Invaluable primers throughout offer simple explanations of age-old techniques and food science facts, such as how to get the perfect creamy pasta sauce, how to make leftover veggie soup without a recipe, why you need brown butter in your life (and in your cookies!), and why a little sweetness is the secret to the best roast chicken. With this must-have kitchen companion, everyone can learn the basics of cooking simple but delicious food, whether it’s your first cookbook or it’s joining a full shelf of dog-eared and sauce-stained classics. Organized by course, recipes include: Honey Lemon Chicken, Coca-cola Braised Brisket, Maple Za'atar Carrots, Mac and Cheese Orzo and Pretzel Blondies.

Why we love this book:

Recipes are designed to minimize single-use ingredients and equipment (for example, all baking recipes are no-mixer-required), encouraging versatility with easily available essentials and Jeremy’s favorite kitchen staples. He uses only 10 spices—that way you always have on hand what you need. Luckily, they are some of our favorites: 

  • chili flakes
  • cinnamon
  • cumin
  • garlic
  • herbes de provence
  • oregano
  • paprika
  • peppercorn
  • sesame
  • za'atar

Bundle the cookbook with a boxed set of Jeremy's 10 spices and save 14%. 

Buying for a new cook? Upgrade to the deluxe bundle that includes spice spoon, jar-friendly measuring spoons and pepper grinder

And lastly, but most importantly, Jeremy is family! He is second-cousins on Beth's dad's side! Here is a recipe for hamantaschen by our shared great-grandma, Jennie. :)

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