We love cooking and organizing. Here are some of our favorite things we use on a daily basis. Many of these items will help you reduce waste, working your way to a zero-waste kitchen!

Rectangular Oblong Measuring Spoons


These oblong measuring spoons fit into the opening of our smaller spice jars: 

Rectangular Measuring Spoons for Spices



Carrera Marble Mortar PestleI like to mix spices while I'm cooking. You can tone things up or down as you go. To this end, I love my mortar and pestle! I love it so much so, my mother-in-law brought me one back from Italy made of Carrera marble! Here is one you can use until your next trip to Italy:

3.5 Inch Porcelain Octaganol Mortar and Pestle



Golden (almond) milk is a nighttime ritual in our house and helps get your daily dose of antioxidant-rich turmeric. It tastes better with homemade almond milk, and to do that, you'll need a nut bag: 

USA Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag

Microplane Spice Grinder Fresh Nutmeg Cinnamon Organic

No more stale nutmeg! Buy it whole and grate it fresh:

Microplane Premium Zester & Grater or Microplane Spice Grater




And here is the list of cookbooks we've reviewed! Click on our review to see a list of spices you'll need to cook all the recipes.

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