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Mini Kits - Not Active Listing Sale

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Perfect gift for a foodie!

  • Reusable hexagon magnetic jars for fridge
  • Silver lids are hand-stamped with salt names
  • Internal food-safe magnet cap keeps spices and magnets separate
  • Three naturally infused salts

Strong neodymium magnets will keep jars from sliding.  Lids form an airtight lock, keeping spices fresh. Small jars measure 1.75” wide by 2” tall and hold a volume of ~1/4 cup. This set includes three naturally infused chili salts:

  • CHILE VERDE Bite into a grain of this salt and you’re in for a treat…the flavor explodes, just like you have bitten into a fresh green chili. This is great for Mexican dishes and seafood. How about trying a pinch of Chile Verde sea salt on a bowl of chocolate ice cream?

  • CHIPOTLE This smoky seasoning combines the earthy spiciness of smoked chipotle peppers with the crisp taste of all natural Pacific sea salt. Made with real smoke-dried jalapeno peppers, and as warm and delicious as its namesake, this salt has a rich, toasted pepper flavor that brings a dash of fiesta to the table.

  • HABANERO Yeehaw! This spicy Fusion salt will put a spring in your step. Using ground down high-heat habaneros to create an intense sea salt with a kick. A great match with recipes that call for lime and butter. Use sparingly, but often! Try on any dish that needs an extra kick.


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