The Gneiss Spice Team

Beth / Owner: It all started in 2009; I was living in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, afraid to open my spice "cabinet" for fear of the avalanche of unorganized spices that would come crashing out. I didn't even season our food, I mean, what spices were in there and how old were they?!? 

Visiting a friend's apartment, I was inspired by her magnetic spice rack made with jelly jars - amazing and so simple! I rushed home to make my own, and was even more delighted when I found hexagonal jars that would fit together creating a spice honeycomb on my fridge. Gneiss Spice was born!

As to the origin of our shop name: Gneiss is a metamorphic rock, but it also happens to be pronounced "nice" and rhymes with spice (so clever!). At the time, I was teaching Earth Science in the NYC public schools, and all geologists love rock puns. Sometimes people misread our shop name as "Genius Spice." I take that as a compliment.

In 2013, after completing my 10th year of teaching, I left the classroom to do Gneiss Spice full time. We packed up our Brooklyn spice factory (what most people call the living room, kitchen, hallway, closet), and created a permanent spice studio in an old barn in Maine. In December 2013, we became a family business with the addition of Althea Baby Spice! (Update, Billie Baby Spice 2.0 joined us in February, 2016). 

Alyson / Production Manager: Trained as a farmer, Alyson moved to western Maine from Colorado in 2013. She runs her own small farm, and yet still has time to manage production for Gneiss Spice.  Always in a good mood and completely dependable, Gneiss Spice runs because of Alyson. Also, Alyson built her own custom tiny house, so she can speak first hand about the space saving ability of our magnetic spice jars.

Sara / Marketing: Sara is new to Gneiss Spice! (Welcome, Sara!) Originally from Maine, Sara currently lives in Park City, Utah where she does freelance design for Vail (and makes us all jealous with her ski-selfies). Having revamped our packaging and revised this website, she now helps to manage our social media and connects us with partnership opportunities.  Want to work with us? Talk to Sara!