Organic Spices - Zero Waste Large Jar Refill Pack (Buy 10 + Save)


$ 67.50 $ 75.00

Your Neighborhood Bulk Spice Shop

No access to bulk spices? No problem! Refill your reusable jars with our size appropriate refill packs. Packaging and labels are 100% compostable, making Gneiss Spice the only plastic-free online spice refill option. 

Refills are hand-packed to order for optimal freshness. Choose from over 150 of our favorite bulk spices. More options and single refills can be purchased in our Spices A to Z section. 

Zero waste refills bags are compostable, and not meant for long term storage. 

  • Small refills are a shy 1/4 cup volume; net weights vary.
  • Large refills are a 1/2 cup volume; net weights vary.
  • Ground spices should be used within 6-12 months. Fresh is best!
  • Spices are certified organic, unless marked with (*).

Looking for more seasonings? Check out our Spices A to Z section for single refills or try a  search.