Aleppo-Style Marash Chili

$ 4.20

Also known as the marash pepper, this Aleppo-style pepper is imported from Kahramanmaras, Turkey. It is moderately spicy with a nice tomato-y flavor. True "Aleppo" chiles must be grown in Aleppo, Syria, so unfortunately the authentic thing is not available due to political unrest.   

Details: Naturally grown from a sustainable small farm. 

Ingredients: Aleppo Chili (Capsicum annuum), cottonsseed oil, salt 

Zero-waste Spice Refills:
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    • Large Refill: fits our large jars, compostable packaging (2.0 oz net weight)

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    Reusable Glass Magnetic Jars:
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    • Large Jar: 1/2 cup volume (2.0 oz net weight)

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