DIY Magnetic Spice Rack for Wall – 19 Large Empty Jars

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Create a hexagon of hexagons! DIY Magnetic Spice Rack includes:
  • 19 large hexagon magnetic 
  • Empty jars to fill with spices from your pantry
  • Strong magnets to keep jars from sliding
  • Air tight silver lids keep spices fresh
  • Internal barrier between magnet and spices
  • Clear labels of most common spice names
  • Square 14" x 14 wall plate

This set is for our symmetry fans! Nineteen jars create a hexagon of hexagons. With spices in sight, you'll use them more often, dishing up fabulous flavorful food! Hexagonal shape fits together creating a spice-colored honeycomb pattern. 

Jars are empty, to fill with herbs and spices from your pantry. Large jars measure 2.5” x 2.5” and hold ~1/2 c volume. Our large jars are similar in size to most grocery store bottles. Unless you cook a lot, We recommend buying spices from the bulk section of your local natural food store and using our smaller spice jars. Smaller amounts of spice stay fresh.  

Spice kit includes a 14" x14" wall plate. Holes are pre-drilled in corners; you need to supply hardware specific to your wall surface.  Wall plate can fit up to 30 large jars. Have a specific need? Contact us for a custom sized wall plate. 

As seen on Trash is for Tossers and Slate Picks Gift Guide.

Note: You do not need a wall plate - Jars will hold to your fridge.